American Fertility Management Corporation is among the leading fertility auxiliary medical institutions in the United States. At the most important moment in life, we have used advanced technology and unparalleled service to help families around the world realize their dream of becoming parents and bring them future and hope. We aim to set up three assisted reproduction centers in the United States and set up subsidiary medical appreciation institutions with AFMC technology in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chongqing respectively to help more people realize their dream of having children.


Our patients can expect the best results. Only the most professional and qualified staff can treat patients in a caring environment. Cooperate with experts in this field who only use cutting-edge technologies for treatment to let you know that reproductive medicine experts are working with you, which makes you satisfied. The point is that AFMC will provide personalized care plan for each patient's case. Our treatment is comprehensive and compassionate, and we know that when couples try to conceive through fertility treatment, there are so many challenges in all kinds of ways. But AFMC can accompany you along the way. Expert treatment, support, professionals and resources can help you through emotional, financial and physical journey.

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