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American Fertility Management Corp. (AFMC) is the leading assisted reproductive health institution in the United States. AFMC currently has two fertility clinics (AFMC Irvine and AFMC Diamond Bar), and a genetic testing company (AFMC Comprehensive Genetic Services). Each branch is equipped with the most advanced team of doctors and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to achieve the dream of every patient with the most professional spirit. The mission of American Fertility Management Corporation team is to get together the experts in the field of Infertility and IVF with international reputation to provide compassionate and comprehensive care in the most important journey of your life. We strive to offer the most time and cost-effective infertility treatment available in a friendly and intimate office setting. Every effort will be made by the entire team to make this difficult time in a patient's life as successful and comfortable as possible. We are trying to provide the best medicine and science in a caring and friendly environment! Why choose Us? With a world-class team of doctors and embryologists and state-of-the-art laboratories, AFMC can provide the most comprehensive and professional services to patients. •Our patients can expect the best results. We have worldwide well-known and experienced doctors onboard. Our medical team has an average working duration of more than 25 years. Only the most professional and qualified staff can treat patients in a caring environment and achieve an ideal result. •We will provide personalized care plan for each patient's case. During the doctor's visit, we will try our best to meet the patients' needs and develop various IVF treatment plan based on one's condition. •We care about you. We know that when couples try to conceive through fertility treatment, there are so many challenges in all kinds of ways. But AFMC can accompany you along the way. •We use the most advanced technology. American Fertility Medical Center (AFMC) has an inhouse genetic testing facility (Comprehensive Genetic Services). We have our own professional genetic team to do PGS/PGD testing with the latest and most updated technology (Ion torrent) to achieve a best result.


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