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American Fertility Medical Center (AFMC) has an inhouse genetic testing facility (Comprehensive Genetic Services). Instead of sending embryo samples to the outside party, we have our own professional genetic team to do PGS/PGD testing with the latest and most updated technology (Ion torrent). With a genetic laboratory inside the clinic, there is no need for an auxiliary reproductive center for sample testing which could save time and provide a much better experience to patients. There are fewer than 5 such center in North America, and AFMC is proud to be one of them. Through localized genetic testing, embryonic cell samples can be transported without off-site in order to save time and cost. The genetic screening center is directed by Dr. Daniel C. Chen who has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of biomolecular genetics and holds both the California Medical Board Surgeon and the American Case Studies Committee's Dual Pathology and NIH Pre-Dr. Scholarship. Dr. Chen and his team are highly skilled and experienced in the following procedures: 1. Screening aneuploidy 2. Carrier screening 3. Gender selection


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