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  • QDo I need to ask for leave from the company after the operation?

  • QWhat should I do before I make a test-tube baby?

  • QCan I conceive naturally after I have been a test-tube baby?

  • QHow many embryos will I transfer to my body?

  • QWhat would I do if I don't live locally in the United States?

  • QI already have a baby. I think if I get pregnant, I will succeed. I don't need a test-tube baby.

  • QDo I need to be treated by one or more doctors?

  • QI can't get pregnant. Is that the only way I am?

  • QI don't live near the medical center. Can I come again?

  • QDo you have any successful case over 40 years old?

  • QWhat is the probability of success?

  • QDoes the medical center accept insurance?


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