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Local customers:

You can come to our office or contact us through the phone or video chat (WeChat, Skype). We will answer all of your questions about our treatments and process and provide you other related information



•Immediately notify the clinic coordinator during the period and arrange for the first blood draw

•The doctor prescribes ovulation stimulating drugs, patients shall follow the doctor's and follow up regularly and get blood draw.

•Approximately 14 days after the first day of period, take the eggs.

•5 days later, notify PGS/PGD results and transplant embryos.

International customers (from China, Canada etc.):

Before coming to the U.S:

Couples should get some pre-pregnancy tests and infectious disease screening based on the U.S FDA requirement at their local hospitals, and then provide us the reports.

When everything required is ready, couples can come to the U.S to our medical center to receive further treatments.


The IVF procedure involves retrieving eggs from the woman’s ovaries and placing them together with the partner’s sperm in our professional and advanced laboratory. We will then screen out the best embryos and transfer them to the uterus.


We will do a pregnancy test on the 12th day after transferring the embryos to the uterus. If the result is positive, that means the pregnancy is ready and you can then return to your country.


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