AFMC’s “Male” and “Female” Verbiage


When creating the new American Fertility California Corp’s website, we wanted to channel the correct verbiage throughout the website, and this included the choice to use “male” and “female” instead of “man” and “woman”.

According to the AMA Journal of Ethics, it is important to establish that the terms “sex” and “gender” cannot be used interchangeably.

  • The term “sex” is the classification made by a doctor at birth based on a combination of bodily characteristics, which may include chromosomes, hormones, and reproductive organs.
  • The term “gender” is complex in nature as it encompasses the societal and cultural norm of behavior and characteristics, as well as the psychological self-perception of feeling and identifying as a “man”, “woman”, “gender-nonconforming”, and other identifications. Gender may be expressed through clothing, haircut, and other methods.

“Being a man or woman holds broader meaning, with cultural concepts of masculinity and femininity coming into play” – AMA Journal of Ethics

At the American Fertility California Corp, we aspire to create an environment that is filled with positivity, support, encouragement, and comfort. As AFMC is a A.R.T medical center and genetics laboratory, our focus is on an individual’s “sex” and not “gender”. When you enter our offices, if you have a specific pronoun you would like to be called, without any hesitation please let us know. This is your journey and as your team member, we want to make it personalized to who you are.


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