Dear Patients,

We hope this message finds you healthy as we continue to sort through the rapidly evolving personal and global impact of COVID-19. Keeping our patients, our staff and our community safe is our guiding principle.

Having implemented changes, along with updated recommendations from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, we are pleased to provide you highest standard of preventative care. We understand such uncertain circumstances create fear and anxiety. We hope that by sharing some of the changes you can expect at our office, it will ease some of those feelings as we welcome you into our clinic.

  • All patients and staff will be asked COVID-19 screening questions prior to entering the office.

  • To protect yourself, fellow patients and staff, staff will also be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment. While we wish we could welcome you back with open arms, we must refrain from hugs and handshakes at this time.

  • Alternative methods of support person participation are encouraged via phone or video.

  • In-office scheduling and patient flow has been adjusted to allow for social distancing and extra cleaning and sterilization of the office. Patients and staff will continue frequent hand washing and sanitizer use.

  • We will continue utilizing telehealth appointments as much as possible.

If you or anyone else in your household develop symptoms of COVID-19 and/or tests positive for COVID-19, fertility testing and treatment will need to be delayed. If you become sick, please contact your primary care provider or local hospital to determine next steps. Please update our team as soon as possible, even if this is after your most recent visit with us.

We recognize that this virus will remain a safety consideration for some time. Should you choose to continue to delay treatment, that is okay. Staying up to date is essential because there is so much about COVID-19 that is unknown. While the very limited available data regarding COVID-19 in pregnancy is encouraging, the definitive impact of this novel coronavirus on maternal and fetal wellbeing is not known and will not be known for some time.

We will continue to monitor, reassess and modify clinic operations as community conditions evolve. This will allow us to balance patient and staff safety with the importance of continuing time-sensitive reproductive care. Thank you for your ongoing kindness, courage and understanding. We and your fellow patients appreciate your commitment to taking these precautions so that together we can continue our shared mission of family building.

Please know we are doing our best to support you and treat all of our patients with the best clinical care and safety measures possible. We understand that delays in treatment can be very difficult and emotionally heavy. It can be easy to worry, second guess ourselves, and dip a toe into catastrophic thinking. Rest assured, your feelings are normal. It can be helpful to work towards balancing those thoughts and prioritizing your own well-being. We are here to support you through your journey.

Use this challenging time to reconnect with your core goals and preserve the confidence that you will have your family. As always, you can schedule a complimentary counseling appointment with our on-staff counselor by calling our scheduling department.

We welcome your feedback as we coordinate next steps. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Your AFMC Family

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