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Think of this as a Pre-Welcome to AMFC!

The start of something new is always intimidating, but we’re here to answer as many questions we can before you walk into the center. We’re so elated that you’ve decided to take the first official step in your fertility journey – and we know it may have not been easy – but we’re here to make the process as simple as we possibly can.


Who can I bring to my appointments?

A friend, family member, significant other, or someone you trust to go through the journey with you. If you decide not to bring someone along, the AFMC Team will be there for you when you need someone.

What do I bring to my first consultation?

As AFMC offers different consultations (Free Consultation Friday, 1 Hour Consultation, First Appointment, Personalized Appointments, etc.) each may require you to bring different items. When your consultation or appointment is booked, one of our representatives will be sure to reach out prior ahead of time to make sure you feel prepared.

Where exactly is AFMC located?

The American Fertility Medial Center is located in Diamond Bar, California at 1370 Valley Vista Drive, Suite 135. AFMC patients are able to park on the north or south side of the building and use either the north west entrance or south east entrance into the building. (Helpful Hint: AFMC is the first office on the left)

How do I know what fertility treatment to ask for?

Let us handle that. Our AFMC Care Team will take you through the Pre-Diagnostics (link to Pre-Diagnostics sub tab page) process to determine what may be a good start to your journey.


There are plenty of fertility centers across the world, but AFMC adds a little something special mixture. ““Read how AFMC defines success (link success to the AFMC Successes sub tab page).

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The American Fertility Medical Center (AFMC) is an assisted reproductive technology (A.R.T) medical center, genetics laboratory, and research institution equipped with an internationally experienced medical and management team.

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