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Although the national average statistics for each fertility treatment is diverse, the individuals receiving treatment are also diverse. Through informative pre-diagnostics, the AFMC Care Team will begin your personalized fertility journey at the most accurate start. Alongside exceptional patient care, vast knowledge, continuous research, and advanced technology, the AFMC Care Team will do all that we can do to ensure your journey is successful.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Success

Nationally, a female under 35 years of age will have an average of approximately 20% success rate per IUI treatment. In contrast, a female over 40 years of age will have an average of around 2% – 5% success rate per IUI treatment. (Source: American Pregnancy Association)

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Success

According to the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), the average success rate for live births in 2018 was approximately 43%.

Egg Donation Success

According to The Donor Solution, the average rate for egg donations resulting in a live birth in the United States is approximately 50%. However, each stage of the process has its own success rates. The potential of a donor egg producing properly developing embryos is approximately 80%. In addition, the possibility that one of the embryos will implant correctly in a uterus is between 75% – 85%, and the range of clinical pregnancy is between 55% and 65%.

Gestational Surrogacy Success

In 2014, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), indicates that live birth success rates were 51% in 2014 when donor eggs originated from women 35 years of age and younger. However, when donor eggs originated from women 40 years of age and older, the success rate dropped to 42%.

Sperm Donation Success

Success rates for sperm donation can range from 60% to as high as 80%; however, achieving pregnancy may take many cycles. The main factor in sperm donation success is dependent on whether there is or is not female factor infertility.

The American Fertility Medical Center (AFMC) is an assisted reproductive technology (A.R.T) medical center, genetics laboratory, and research institution equipped with an internationally experienced medical and management team.

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