Fertility Preservation




If you are planning to begin cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation, or another medical treatment that could potentially harm your reproductive system, you may want to consider medical fertility preservation. Oncofertility is the process of preserving fertility prior to medical treatments that could potentially harm your current fertility level.

Fertility Preservation as You Prepare for Cancer Treatment

Fertility preservation can also be used preemptively if there is a family or personal history of cancer (especially ovarian cancer) or the presence of other high-risk conditions, such as endometriosis or a family history of premature menopause. Our team will work with you and your oncology/medical team to preserve your current fertility as expeditiously as possible prior to beginning cancer treatment. Due to the time-sensitive nature of cancer treatment, oncofertility appointments at AFMC can often be scheduled same-day or next-day.

Thanks to advances in fertility preservation, men and women no longer have to fear what life-saving treatment could mean for their ability to grow their families. Because cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery can put a person’s fertility at risk, it is important that family planning and fertility preservation be considered as soon as possible before beginning cancer treatment.

Due to the often urgent timing of cancer treatment, the team at the AFMC expedites this fertility care process. Oncofertility patients are often seen same-day or next-day in order to begin treatment as quickly as possible. Our dedicated Oncofertility team provides coordinated and expedited care between the fertility and oncology physician teams.

Fertility preservation can be completed within weeks in most cases and can be scheduled around cancer diagnostic procedures and treatments. Once fertility preservation is complete, your frozen eggs, sperm, or embryos will be safely stored until ready for use.

Fertility Preservation Specialists By Your Side

At AFMC, the team of fertility preservation specialists works closely with your treating oncology specialist to ensure integrated, seamless coordination and supervision of your treatment. The center meticulously abides by all guidelines set forth by state and federal regulations to ensure your cell tissues are carefully protected and stored for future use.

With individualized, compassionate care always a priority, our experienced clinical team will review your options and expectations with you to provide a thorough understanding of the treatments available through the facility and its support network.

The center’s team of highly-respected, board-certified physicians and embryologists are uniquely qualified to offer you the latest treatments in fertility preservation that can offer hope and provide the ability to safeguard your future fertility.

Choosing Financial Assistance Programs and Assessment of Your Insurance Coverage

Your needs as a patient are our top priority. We know that those facing a difficult diagnosis are already under a high degree of strain. The expert finance team will guide you through the financial aspects of fertility preservation. Upon scheduling an appointment, you will receive a dedicated financial coordinator to assist you with insurance and payment matters. Our goal is to provide you with as many supplementary resources as possible to reduce the financial burden during this stressful time

Your Options and Safety

The fertility preservation options available to you are determined by age, type and stage of cancer, and the recommended treatment. The necessary course of action requires critical decision-making and communication between you, your oncology specialist and your fertility specialist, and the AFMC team, whose approach has been designed to ensure the safest and most effective outcomes for you as our patient.

The multi-disciplinary team at AFMC is built on a foundation of hope and is designed to meet the needs of men and women like you who have been diagnosed with cancer, and aspire to secure an opportunity to build a family post-cancer treatment. Through unparalleled quality patient care and demonstrated excellence in advanced medical technologies, the team is committed to changing lives today and for creating the opportunity for parenthood in years to come.

After cancer treatment, human reproduction can be compromised. AFMC is able to provide a variety of procedures for after cancer treatment, when fertility concerns regarding early menopause may arise. Eggs can be frozen without fertilization, or fertilized in the lab to create embryos and then frozen. Both options can provide women with the comfort and confidence of knowing that even after cancer treatment, they can preserve their ability to have their own biological children in the future.

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