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Word of mouth is always the best advice. Here are some of ours!

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“Our little angel has grown up so fast and she really is a gift and blessing! We often think of AFMC and wish you all the best. Hopefully we will find time to visit during the holidays!”

Patient Privacy

“I would like to express how grateful I am for what AFMC has done for me. Thank you for your efforts so that I could welcome a beautiful baby into the world. You can really bring hope and encouragement when I needed it most.”


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The American Fertility Medical Center (AFMC) is an assisted reproductive technology (A.R.T) medical center, genetics laboratory, and research institution equipped with an internationally experienced medical and management team. Beyond that, we are a team that come to work every day to help solve one of the common, unspoken issues individuals and couples internationally experience – infertility. At AFMC, we understand one journey to fertility is different to another and we also understand infertility is not everyone’s journey. Still we aspire to join into a diversity of journeys to learn, support, advocate, and build for each family.

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