Sperm donor conception

Donor insemination refers to when a sperm donor is used to help a patient or couple conceive. Sperm donors can be known/directed or unknown/anonymous. In known or directed sperm donation, the sperm donor is known to the recipient(s) such as a family member or close friend. In anonymous, or unknown sperm donation, sperm is purchased by the recipients via a licensed sperm bank. Our team of fertility specialists will guide you through the donor insemination process with a focus on your health and a healthy pregnancy.

Who is a candidate for donor insemination?

Donated sperm is typically used for family-building in cases of male infertility, by single women, same-sex female couples, and trans couples.

Nonobstructive Azoospermia – Microscopic testicular sperm retrieval:

When using donated sperm, patients will work with a certified sperm bank whose candidates have been carefully screened prior to joining the program. In addition to adhering to FDA regulations that require all donors (directed and anonymous) be screened for infectious and sexually transmitted diseases, the majority of sperm banks also screen sperm donors for genetic disorders, medical conditions, and mental health. They also perform background checks and may require sperm donors to take a personality test. All donated sperm is quarantined for a 6 month period prior to use, in order to rule out the presence of infectious diseases. If you are planning to use a directed sperm donor, you will need to factor this additional 6 month quarantine period into your family-building timeline. Anonymous donor sperm is typically prescreened and quarantined, and available immediately.

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