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LGBTQIA+ Fertility Preservation

You may not want to start a family right now for many reasons. Whether you would like to preserve your fertility before hormone treatment and other life-changing procedures or now isn’t the right time, AFMC’s reproductive physicians and specialists have worked with countless LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples to preserve fertility until they are ready to build their biological family.

Our Services

Egg Freezing

Preserving your eggs now allows you to take control of your options later.

Embryo Freezing

Eggs are combined with sperm in the laboratory to create embryos, which are then cryopreserved for future use.

Sperm Banking

Sperm can be frozen and stored at AFMC.


Oncofertility is an option for patients to preserve eggs, sperm, and embryos before cancer treatment (chemotherapy and radiation), which can negatively impact fertility.

Fertility Preservation

For Trans Men

  • Fertility preservation for trans individuals with eggs who plan to undergo gender affirmation surgery or hormone replacement therapy.
  • Trans folks with eggs may preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs before initiating gender-affirming hormone therapy with testosterone or bottom surgery to remove their ovaries and uterus. By safeguarding your fertility before gender affirming treatments, which can impact it, you can grow your family at a later date. Egg freezing requires multiple vaginal ultrasounds and hormone injections to raise their estrogen levels. These estrogen-based hormone injections will generally not cause an increase in chest tissue, nor will they impact vocal tone or beard growth (if testosterone has been taken before the process). After doing an egg retrieval, you will experience a heavy menstrual cycle.
  • If you have previously initiated gender-affirming hormone treatment with testosterone, it may still be possible to freeze eggs. While there is data on how high levels of testosterone can impact egg health, it is still minimal. At AFMC, to have the best chance to achieve your fertility preservation goals, we recommend that trans and gender-diverse individuals who have started gender-affirming hormone therapy with testosterone stop for at least six months before fertility treatment.

For Trans Women

  • Trans women can preserve their sperm before starting gender-affirming hormone therapy or surgeries, ensuring the possibility of having biological children in the future. This process involves collecting and freezing sperm, which can be stored at AFMC. If hormone therapy has already begun, it might still be possible to preserve sperm, though stopping hormone therapy for a period is recommended to improve chances.
  • AFMC specialists will create a personalized plan to maximize success. Committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment, AFMC ensures you feel comfortable and informed throughout the process. Contact AFMC to explore fertility preservation options and receive support every step of the way.

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