Our webinars are our way to provide reproductive endocrinology information, knowledge, support, and empowerment. Our mission as a fertility center is to support and aid those in need of fertility testing and treatments. Whether your starting your fertility journey or restarting, our Care Team is here to provide the information and guidance you need! AFMC’s webinars will be providing general information on topics and also informing you on how our Care Team is able to help you along your fertility journey. There is no fine print or gimmicks to signing up!

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AFMC Medical Director Dr. Mousa will be leading a conversation on infertility,
as well as fertility testing, treatments, and care. As AFMC sees patients in different stages of their fertility journey, Dr. Mousa will be tailoring the event to those beginning their fertility journey, as well as those who have been on their journey and are looking for additional resources or assistance.
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