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The journey to fertility impacts an individual’s physical, emotional, and mental health. The American Fertility California Corp (AFMC) cares for your emotional and mental wellbeing, just as we care for your physical wellbeing during your pre-diagnostics, fertility treatment, and after care. Your fertility journey may be the one of the most indescribably difficult life crises an individual or couple may have to face and learn navigate through. AFMC wants to remind you that we are right there with you throughout your journey. One of our countless goals at AFMC is to provide patient resources and support to whoever is in need at whatever time and location to help reduce any negative mental and emotional periods and thoughts.



The American Fertility Medical Center Team is always available to answer any questions, as well as provide support and encouragement throughout your fertility journey. Our purpose is not to only provide you with fertility care, but to also provide emotional care.

Social Media

AFMC’s social media pages strive to not only post behind the scenes and exclusive content, but also supportive and inspiration messages to serve as a pop-up reminder when you may need it most.Follow us on Instagram @afmcbaby!


AFMC publishes bi-weekly blogs on different topics that may be relevant to you during your journey. Don’t see a topic that is relevant to you? Connect with the AFMC team through the Contact Us Form or contact AFMC directly to speak to our AFMC Care Team or Management Team.


We are always looking to expand our network of patient support services. Our team comes into work each day to ensure you have an uplifting experience through your journey.

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