Professional Medical Team

With an average age of more than 20 years, the attending physicians have accumulated a wealth of medical expertise in the world's top medical schools, and have extensive clinical experience in the field of fertility, including hypospadias, premature ovarian failure, ovarian hyperstimulation, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriages, and other reproductive challenges. At the same time AMFC is the only assisted reproduction medical center in the United States where the geneticist also has a clinician's license. Our geneticist can communicate with you face to face and interpret your genetic report, so that you can understand yourself, your child and your family better.

Superb Genetic Laboratory Equipment

We use the most advanced genetic testing technology, PGS/PGD, which is mainly a comprehensive screening of 23 pairs of chromosomes in blastocysts, which can effectively exclude hundreds of genetic disorders and reduce the risk of fetal arrest to a large extent. At the same time, we can also legally choose the sex of the embryo, making your journey to fertility more comfortable and convenient! We have our own in-house PGS/PGD testing center, eliminating the need to send blastocysts to a third-party lab for testing. There is no need to send the blastocysts to a third party laboratory for testing. There is no risk of transportation and the results are fast and accurate. U.S. official certified embryo laboratory, top equipment and supplies, high level of embryo laboratory also ensures that the embryologist in the treatment of germ cells, will not cause any harm to the cell tissue.

Perfect Customer Service System

We will strictly control the number of patients, to ensure that every patient can enjoy one-on-one private consultation with the doctor. Our clinical and service teams are staffed with experienced Chinese and English coordinators to provide you with the most intimate and comfortable one-on-one experience. If you need third-party assisted reproduction services, AFMC will recommend professional third-party assisted reproduction agencies to help you solve all the problems related to surrogacy, egg donation and sperm donation, and provide the most legal and convenient one-stop third-party assisted reproduction services for parents-to-be.


Using the third generation of IVF genetic testing technology PGS/PGD, mainly to comprehensively screen the 23 pairs of chromosomes of the blastocysts toguarantee the quality of the blastocysts and improve the success rate of IVF.AFMC has its own independent PGS/PGD testing center, no need to send out blastocysts, and there are well-known senior genetic experts to answer questions throughout the process.

Egg freezing

We help our clients to freeze healthy and fresh eggs at an early stage to preserve their fertility. After thawing, the eggs are still fertile and can form healthy embryos and babies.AFMC's independent FDA-approved labs and global top technology, the successful recovery rate of egg freezing is more than 95%, and the whole process is equipped with legal protection and support.

Surrogacy Mothers

IWINI Surrogacy has the largest network of surrogate mothers in the United States. The surrogacy program is customized to the client's needs. From ovulation to egg retrieval, selection of surrogates, and subsequent IWINI Surrogacy is a one-stop shop for all your problems, providing patients with the most complete, safe and legal third-partyassisted reproduction services.

Sperm Donation

AFMC has the largest Asian egg bank in the world. Egg donors undergo a rigorous psychological evaluation and physical examination so that you can choose the best and most compatible eggs, and AFMC is willing to use the most advanced technology, fertility drugs and related treatments to help you realize your dream of having a child. AFMC is willing to use the most advanced technology, fertility drugs and related treatments to help you realize your dream.

Overseas Embryo Transportation

Safe Transportation of Human Embryos, Eggs and Sperm, AFMC is committed to providing the highest level of service by partnering with globally recognized professional transportation companies to help patients, clinics, and laboratories transport embryos, sperm, and eggs in a fast, safe, and reliable manner. Our cryogenic transportation tanks are regularly validated, inspected and equipped with temperature loggers. Providing comfort and peace of mind to our customers and ourselves during the transportation process. Our priority is to do everything possible to ensure safe transportation.

Multi-language support

AFMC is committed to providing the most welcoming and attentive service to our international guests. With a diverse medical staff and multilingual interpreters available in English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, etcThere is no language barrier for our guests. No language barriers for our guests.

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